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Simply Saucer 


LP (Item 795103) Logan Hardware/Galactic Archive, — Condition: New Copy 
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LP, Vinyl record album 

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Noisy rock with a cosmic reach from Simply Saucer – a great Ontario band with roots in the mid 70s era in which the best underground rock often bridged late 60s and early 70s art rock to wilder sounds of the punk and post-punk eras to come – and they that and more! To call Saucerland a collection of rarities from that creatively fertile period in the band's history would be ...well, accurate, but even their most famous material isn't the easiest stuff to find! Truly great stuff, culled from band's archives, mostly from the mid-to-late 70s. Proto-punk with a love of Hawkwind – which pretty easy for us to love! Includes "Rock And Roll The Brain Cells", "I Take It", "Baby Nova", "Ring-A-Ling-Oh-My", "Nice Noise", "Clearly Invisible", "Brain Shock", "I Don't Care", "Takin You Down", "(More) Illegal Bodies", "Teemage Dream", "Bullet Proof Nothing", "Almost Ready Betty", "Limitless Love" and "The Story Of Simply Saucer".  © 1996-2016, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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