Saucer Personnel...

  • 01: Edgar Breau:
    Founding member and primary singer/songwriter/guitarist for this lengendary band. Edgar is one of those original people who bought the VU/Nico album and went off to start a band. Die-hard family man, visionary, virtuoso, and all-around genius.
  • 02: Kevin Christoff:
    Original member and bass player. Soft-spoken, thoughtful, and genteel, Kevin is the yin to Edgar's yang. Being primary back-up vocalist and groove-digger for this band, he is the Saucer's never-faltering co-pilot. Kevin's bottom line is the bottom line. Enough said.
  • Mike Trebilcock
    Mike has a storied past which includes fronting the great Killjoys. A renaissance man for sure, studio whiz, A-list songwriter, sound track artist for theatrical Night of the Living Dead playing guitar, singing and manipulating the Skull theremin with Simply Saucer.