Saucer Personnel...

  • 01: Edgar Breau:
    Founding member and primary singer/songwriter/guitarist for this lengendary band. Edgar is one of those original people who bought the VU/Nico album and went off to start a band. Die-hard family man, visionary, virtuoso, and all-around genius.
  • 02: Kevin Christoff:
    Original member and bass player. Soft-spoken, thoughtful, and genteel, Kevin is the yin to Edgar's yang. Being primary back-up vocalist and groove-digger for this band, he is the Saucer's never-faltering co-pilot. Kevin's bottom line is the bottom line. Enough said.
  • Colina Phillips
    Love goddess supreme vocalist Colina brings EXCITEMENT to the stage member of the most legendary THE GIRLS Toronto super session singers you can find her on recordings by Bryan Adams, Bruce Cockburn, Alice Cooper.Show Stopping Vocalist, synth artist, percussion princess with The Saucer
  • Mike Trebilcock
    Mike has a storied past which includes fronting the great Killjoys. A renaissance man for sure, studio whiz, A-list songwriter, sound track artist for theatrical Night of the Living Dead playing guitar, singing and manipulating the Skull theremin with Simply Saucer.
         Ed Roth
         Ed plays keyboard for the band. He's worked with many musicians as both a producer and session  
        player. He is a multi instrumentalist .