Simply Saucer are a divine mix of early Pink Floyd (with Syd Barrett still mercifully intact) and The Velvet Underground (when Andy Warhol was at the helm and urging them towards the Exploding Plastic Inevitable). They are all this and more; a Suicide with a lust for life; a Silver Apples that are running with electronic juice! Sheer, ecstatic, underground bliss.”

— Edwin Pouncey, New Musical Express (London)

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Simply Saucer is a Canadian rock band formed during the 1970s. Based in HamiltonOntario, the band consisted of guitarist and vocalist Edgar Breau, keyboardist John LaPlante (billed by the stage name Ping Romany), bass guitarist Kevin Christoff and drummer Neil DeMarchant. The band's style has been described as a hybrid of proto-punk and psychedelia and they form a "Rust-belt punk" style, along with The StoogesMC5 and Alice Cooper. The group's references also included German progressive rock, or Krautrock, and early electronic music pioneers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen.[1]

According to Matt Carlson at Allmusic, "Though Simply Saucer had the guts to bring together tremendous influences from rock's past, including the Velvet Underground, early Pink Floyd, and the Stooges, the band was hardly noticed outside of its local area."[2]



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