From the recording BABY NOVA

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Reckless Agitation

Reckless Agitation today
reckless agitation in my chevrolet
reckless agitation in my head
reckless agitation, that's what I said!

Reckless agitation I'm all alone
reckless agitation call me on the phone
reckless agitation, I'm out of school
reckless agitation I'm playin' the fool

You don't bother calling on the telephone
You feel I'm better off being all alone
Reckless agitation I'm comin' after you
You better start runnin' that's what you better do

See that girl walkin' down the street
She's the best little girl in my neighbor hood
Her favorite number is 69
Why am I cryin' why am I lyin' why?

It's just reckless agitation