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Simply Saucer - Saucerland 

Logan Hardware/Galactic Archives have dug into the archives and come up with a stellar double LP of previously unreleased Simply Saucer jams. What the heck is Simply Saucer? They were a 1970s proto-punk/psych teenaged band based in Hamilton, Ontario who were way too far ahead of their time to get the recognition they deserved at the time. But collectors caught up with them in the 1980s and the renewed interest resulted in Cyborgs Revisited, a killer collection that showed off the band’s deranged Velvets-meets-Hawkwind damage in all its glory.  

This new release offers more of the same, and it is totally righteous – I’ll leave it to Christopher at the venerable Black to Comm zine-blog to sum it up: “Said it before (and will say it again) but this is that Velvet Underground spawn filtered through other VU/Stooges ideals (Can/Faust/Suicide…) done up as only teenaged Ontarioites could muster!” 

There’s more Simply Saucer activity on the horizon for 2016: In The Red is reissuing Cyborgs Revisited on wax and Toronto journalist Jesse Locke is polishing off Heavy Metalloid: The Story of Simply Saucer, due to be published later this year. Check out an excerpt! The band still exists, too – and judging from this incredible recording of “Illegal Bodies” from 2015, they are still very much capable of kicking out the jams. What a fantastic movie I’m in!!!   

simply saucer13 notes May 10th, 2016 



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